Quit Job to Start Making Videos

Tempted by the glory of distracting people from their living for a living, Anders Jorgen quits his job as a shampoo tester to start making videos instead, much to the dismay of his rent-covering roommate, Andrew Brown.

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It’s Been Beard, Man

After 25 years of patience, self-encouragement, prayers, and follicle-stimulating avocado face-rubs, 40-year-old Harry Dick has finally given up on his childhood dream to grow a beard …

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Time Management 101

When it comes to managing your time, you’re finally doing something right by visiting Brainflora.com. Keep reading and, in no time, you’ll be a master of the art of time management …

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A Dish Wish

Dear Diary, they say time heals all things, but the situation with the kitchen dishes seems to have only worsened with time. Despite my extreme patience, the sore to my eyes (and nose!) has not improved – quite the opposite …

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