Content Marketing

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Do you have a business or personal project that needs some sunlight? We can help nurture your plan(t) to full bloom. Just tell us the type of plot to cultivate and we’ll develop a nectar of content that gets beesness buzzing for you. To find out how our content marketing can make you content, email: [email protected].

Stand-up Comedy

Anders Jorgen on stage performing stand-up comedy

Besides annoying his co-founder, Andrew Brown, Anders Jorgen’s other favorite duty at Brainflora is performing stand-up comedy, although sometimes he gets lazy and does his jokes sitting down. Despite putting the median in comedian, Anders’s motivation to make you laugh is first-rate – second only to his prime comedian drive for a threesome humorgy with a clown and a mime.

Hire Anders for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, festivals, school assemblies, university shows, funerals (will have deceased rolling in grave), core fitness classes, laughing-gas-depleted dentist offices, etc.

To learn more about receiving a customized, brain-tickling performance, email: [email protected].

Acceptable payment methods: Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer, or Eggplant Parmesan.