It was a beautiful day.

I woke up to it from where I wake every morning: the writing desk – my pillow, where lives such stuff as dreams are made.

For a light morning pick-me-up, I put on some Mozart and waved my hands around like flower petals in the breeze of life.

Duly inspired, I returned to my desk, which, glowing in the early morning’s glistening rays, beckoned me forth: “Master, unleash upon the world your scintillating thoughts of brilliance so that they may sparkle down the ages until the end of time.”

To which I said, “Why, of course, my young wooden sprite; I have just the thing in mind: ‘Dsklafkl aslfjs:KL F;sdajf;aj;f;sdfjksd jfksabfcxvdfgotakdfkdklnfgsakmlgd fgdsDkg dsffdnhmvxcmvdskf gngnhs argnartkngaekdsfskd fsdsflngldfns gnhtia;lmdsfgndgh ;l;lsdflgldssa.'”  

It looks like we’ll have to take a break from writing here at Brainflora. Maybe we’ll just make videos instead, since, other than writing a title, such as (for example) Quit Job to Start YouTube Channel, you don’t have to do any writing to make a video, right?