You are feeling an inescapable need for some momentary escapism.

Yes, your essay is due first thing tomorrow, but you just put in a solid 10 minutes of work.

Sure, nothing has been written yet, but you have done the heavy lifting of conceptualizing the general direction, sorta.

Besides, since you are starting a 2000-word essay the night before it is due, it is inevitably going to be a long night anyway. Smart cookies would pace themselves. (Speaking of which, where are the cookies?)

Breaks are important. The brain needs to re-energize. By taking a 5-minute break now, you’ll have boosted productivity afterwards.

Thus, you resolve to take a 5-minute study break to watch one YouTube video … and 3 hours later, under threat of a bursting bladder, you finally succeed in liberating your exhausted, zombified mind from its 5-minute break. (The YouTube Vortex strikes again…).

Perhaps you need some Time Management 101.