Oh Salsa,
The first time I saw you,
I gulped —
My nerves tingling
With fiery sparks of passion.

To this day,
My heart gushes red
When I see your hot stuff.

With a kick,
And a kick, kick, kick,
You have my tongue dancing
To your exotic ways.

Sweet, spicy, salty, juicy:
I love all your sides,
And even dip your thick n’ chunky style.

Shhh, my rosy sweetheart,
Seeing you blush like that
Makes me burn with desire
All the more.

You bring a taste of excitement
To what would otherwise be
The boring, bland life
Of a pale white guy.

Oh Salsa,
You complete me:
My love for you will never expire –
Even if you do.

Let us savor this moment together,

In the heat of love, you can sometimes get carried away. I, however, take nothing back regarding my relationship with salsa, not even the love handles. My only regret is now I have A Dish Wish.